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Here at Kate Creative Co, we help business owners create beautiful and strategic website that help them grow their business.

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You have been wanting a website that you can be truly proud of.  An online home that feels like home. Then it’s time to ditch the DIY route and let’s create the website of your dreams.

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Hey there!

I'm Kate

I’m a front-end developer turned brand and web designer and owner of Kate Creative Co.  – slightly obsessed with plants, the beach and Netflix. I’m also a mom of 3, juggling all things and struggling to keep my sanity. hahaha

After working full time job as a web developer for 4 years, decided to become a stay-at-home mom (which I thought would be easier than being in front of the computer all day – eeeek wrong, haha but I wouldn’t have it any other way). When my kids started to go to school, I decided to go back to coding. That’s when my lightbulb moment hit, that websites not only need to be functional but beautiful and strategic as well. 

With a limited budget, I started scouring and learning every course out there about branding and web design. Plus got my hands into WordPress and Shopify and my mind was blown away, how easy it is to have your own website! And everything is there on Google to learn. 

And the rest is history, Kate Creative Co. was born. I fell in love with designing brands and building websites for creative businesses.  Most of all, I get to help fellow creatives and business owners to avoid that long messy DIY route and propel their business to success.

Sweet words from my dear client

You won't regret hiring her!

Kate makes an effort to understand your needs, what you want, and what results you want to achieve. Her style is clean, light, and classy.

Mia Lauchengco

Founder of So True Naturals

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Chocolate = Weakness or Strength

Talk about self control, when it comes to chocolate, I don’t have any. Let’s just say they give me all the energy I need to make it thru the day! 

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Friend, did you say beach??!!!


I say, when  & where??? Give me a minute and I’m all set! Let’s go!

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Netflix and chill.

This is how I love spending my Friday nights.
Oh you do too?

The core values I believe in

big dreams and brave action

choosing progress over perfect

practicing kindness 

contentment in Jesus 

living your purpose

chasing after what makes your heart full

celebrating small wins

Building and Designing Websites for modern and creative businesses

hey friend!

I'm Kate

Brand and Web Designer, plus Developer, mom of 3 crazy kiddos. Addicted to chocolate, beach and Netflix. So excited you’re here. Let’s make the website of your dreams!

hey friend!

I'm Kate

Brand and Web designer, plus Developer, mom of 3 crazy kiddos. Addicted to chocolate, beach and Netflix. So excited you’re here. Let’s make the website of your dreams!